AI Rapid Deployment kit & 12 months subscription

3,990.00 excl. VAT

  • Powerful AI
  • 4G Router
  • Up to 3 cameras
  • 205Ah battery
  • Includes Transport case and a 5m camera cable

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Product Description

An easy and rapid to deploy CCTV solution
PTZ Rapid Deployment Kit

Plug and Play system

Powerful Portable Deployment Solution. Connect up to 3 cameras at the same time.

Includes the powerful Camect Artificial Intelligence system. Complete with an EU router and plenty of power. Manufactured to a very high standard and meets all the demands for those that require something tough. Provided with a 10A – 12.6V charger.

GoTEK7 Software

GoTEK7 Vision software is designed and created by the GoTEK7 IT team. The main objective of this software is to make the control, visualisation and management of GoTEK7 kits and cameras accessible to as many people as possible. Its remarkable ease of use is the key word of this software.

GoTEK7 Vision is compatible with most computers, tablets and phones. The application is regularly updated to improve its usability.

GoTEK7 vision software

Remote secure access

Our priority is to make sure your data is kept securely. To do so, all the recorded videos are locally stored inside a SSD in the case and will not be hosted on any server or any cloud service. This mechanism also reduces the data consumption of the multi-network SIM card because your videos are not constantly uploaded on a server.

You are free to use the smartphone app or PC web platform to access your footage live or consult the playback. Our multi-network data SIM cards with EU coverage operate in a VPN and can’t be accessed from the public internet.

More secure, more reliable.

PTZ Rapid Deployment Kit

What’s included ?
  • 1 x Rugged Case containing :
    • 1 x 205Ah Li-ion Prismatic battery
    • 1 x 4G/LTE Router (with 1 x WiFi antenna and 2 x GSM antenna)
    • 1 x Powerful AI system
    • 1 x Internal storage
    • 3 x Camera port
    • 1 x 12V DC Input/Output
  • 1 x 10A – 12.6V charger for the case

How can I top-up my data SIM card?

We will update you when your data limit is nearly reached. Once your data becomes low, you can simply top up with us and obtain a further multi-network bundle. No need to change the SIM card, simply choose your top-up in the shop or phone us, we can remotely top-up your data bundle.

What’s the approximate battery life of the case?

This does depend on what type of camera you choose to use with the case. The PTZ x36 optical zoom camera very juicy yet very powerful, using this camera with the case it will last up to 7-9 days.

I have my own camera, is this one compatible with this kit?

There will be a good chance that camera will require a special cable to connect to the case and need to adapt to our GoTEK7 Vision software. If you inform us of the type of camera you have, we will be able to advise you. Every camera using the ONVIF protocol could be compatible.

Additional Information


205 Ah


420 x 395 x 170 mm



Battery life

Depends on camera type connected – Up to 9 days


4G Teltonika

Artificial Intelligence

Camect Pro