Belt GPS TrackerBelt GPS TrackerBelt GPS Tracker
Belt GPS Tracker
Belt GPS Tracker
Belt GPS Tracker
Belt GPS Tracker

Belt GPS Tracker

330.00 excl. VAT

WarningIf you already have Powermat wireless charging mats, these will not be compatible with the new QI charging technology.

5-Coil Dual Fast Wireless Charger included

The Belt GPS Tracker only works on the 2G network – The device won’t work in countries without 2G, like Switzerland.

    Trackers require a valid up-to-date service top-up to remain active on our servers.

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Product Description

The Belt GPS Tracker has been redesigned and enhanced over many years. It has been an obsessed passion that has remained with the CEO for many years. This new Belt GPS Tracker has had further enhancements like:

Audible Sounder

Allows you to find it within centimetres.

WiFi/LBS Tracking

Indoor tracking giving you 10m accuracy in some cases.

2G & GSM Performance

Strong 2G performance with GSM level displayed on the app.

Health Check

Every X hours, ensuring your asset is alive.

Induction Charging

Mini QI induction coil, robust, strong, supplied with a 5 coils charging mat.

Enhanced PCB

Brand new PCB – tiny size but great performance.

The Story

The CEO met with Ronny Novelli and his team from NOVA and witnessed the entire awesome inspiring procedure of creating a beautifully soft leather belt from a hide of leather – the quality and passion involved in crafting unique tailor made items, the wonderful shine acquired from manually polishing an authentic buckle or fastening, again hand built from a selection of casts. GoTEK7 are now delighted to announce the launch of an exciting new business relationship with Nova Accessories now supplying leather belts to accompany our existing range of GPS devices. We firmly believe that these are not only the most practical belts on the market today but by far the most attractive and we are thrilled to have acquired the expertise and experience of such a renowned traditional craft manufacturer. The Belt GPS Tracker is currently available in either black or brown, hand crafted by Nova and displaying the authentic ‘Nova’ trademark.

Colors Battery Battery Life
Black or Brown 900 mAh Lithium Polymer Around 7 days (depends on the use)