GPS Bike Seat

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Charging cable included

  • Extend your warranty from 1 year to 2 years

    Trackers require a valid up-to-date service top-up to remain active on our servers.

Product Description

The RF Receiver

RF Receiver
The RF Receiver is extremely easy to use and does not require any previous radio tracking experience. The range from the RF Receiver to the GPS Bike Seat is around 100 to 150 metres. Simply turn the RF Receiver on (whilst your GPS Bike Seat is stationary) and it will indicate both a signal strength and an audio tone. Other GPS trackers currently on the market are unable to locate assets with such precision as the Bike Seat. Whilst they may be able to track to a block of flats or a certain building, GPS Bike Seat’s superior functionality enables it to pinpoint the precise location with remarkable accuracy.
Dimensions Battery Battery Life
270 x 150 x 80mm 3000mAh Up to 20 days (Depends on how the GPS Bike Seat is being used)