Slim 6 000 mAh GPS Tracker

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Product Description

Covert ion GPS Tracker

Discreet and easy to deploy, Slim 4G GPS trackers are easily concealed. Designed and manufactured in France by our experts, reliability and performance are key points of our creations. Follow the position of your GPS tracker live thanks to the web and mobile applications.

Main features

Ultra thin

10mm thick

4G Network

With 2G network as backup

Low profile

Easy to hide

Power battery

6 000 mAh battery
Up to 20 days

Modern application

Available on PC and smartphone


Réceive on email, SMS or push notifications

Slim shape

The great innovation of this range of GPS trackers is its very thin shape. The thickness of this range does not exceed one centimetre, the slim 4G GPS trackers are easy to install.

Additional Information


110 x 70 x 10 mm



Battery Type

Lithium polymer


6 000 mAh

Battery life

Around 20 days


4G & 2G as fallback