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    Please ensure that your GPS tracker is powered On and correctly charged. If the device doesn’t have any power button, simply ensure that the device has been recently charged.

    Please ensure that your device has a valid subscription or remaining positions credits, without this your device will not update on the Application / Control panel.

    If you have not used your GPS tracker for at least 3 months, the internal sim card of your device may have been temporary suspended. If you have run the above checks and your device is still not updating, please contact us via email or telephone and we will reactivate the sim card on your device remotely.

    If you have the device in your procession, you are seeing that it is reporting with a last valid communication up to date but no valid GPS or the location on the map is incorrect please apply the following procedure.

    Please place the device outside, we advise you to place the device down with the magnets side facing the floor, the GPS side of your device Is located on the opposite side of the magnets, facing this side towards up in the air will allow your tracker to have a better GPS reception.

    If the device hasn’t been used for a while, you are seeing a last communication on the panel but no GPS, you have placed the device outside, but it hasn’t relocated itself, please run the following procedure.

    Once the device has been placed outside, please send a reboot command which will remotely turn Off and On again the device, this will help to find a new GPS signal. In the eventually that the above manipulations have been applied but the tracker is still not reporting at the correct address, we advise you to take the device in your vehicle for a drive. A 5-10 minutes’ drive will allow the device to change network session and obtaining a new GPS signal.

    If your device is currently deployed but when trying to reboot or locate the device is it not showing a new valid GPS signal, the device will eventually be parked in an underground Car Park or garage. The device will always show on the panel / App the last known GPS location, you will be able to identify if there are any garages or underground car parks at this location. As soon as the vehicle moves again out of this Area, the device will automatically find a new valid GPS signal and track every x second while in motion.

    If you send a command to your GPS device and the command has not successfully been received and acknowledged by the device, this is a sign that it has temporary lost connection to the GSM network, this can happen in a non-covered GSM area or in an underground car park, do not send any additional commands in this situation. The device will automatically report again after reconnecting to the network.

    Gotek7 has been developing through the past yeas different tracker models also using different charging solutions, from the simple USB charging cable, magnetic charging cable to different type of induction charging solutions charging your device is crucial. If your device is not showing charging after placing the tracker on charge, first you need to ensure that the device has a valid subscription or credits, without this the device is not connected to the platform and therefore will not update or show charging when this has been done.

    For the sealed devices using a induction charging mat, the priority is to ensure that the device has been placed correctly on the charging mat, depending on the type of tracker, your device can have up to 4 magnets, the magnets should never be in contact with the charging mat. The induction charging coil which allows the device to charge is located on the opposite side of the magnets, you can identify this charging coil depending on the type of coil with the shape of this one. A round charging disc would be linked to the powermat charging mats and a rectangular charging coil would be link to the latest QI CHOETECH charging mat.

    On the older type of powermat, a white LED and also an audible sound will appear when placing the device correctly on the charging mat. If the white light is remaining On after placing the device this means the device is correctly charging.

    On the new type of CHOETECH charging mats, when the device is correctly placed on charge, a green LED will remain On located on the front of the charging mat. No audible sound will appear on the new type of charging mat.

    If you are confident that you have been charging your device correctly for at least 12 hours, but it has not updated on the platform, please contact us so we can run further tests remotely.