GT7 Limited Edition

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  • Includes two GPS trackers from the GT7 series
  • Custom-cut foam
  • 5-year warranty
  • Limited edition
Limited edition pack: 1 GT7 - 1 GT7 Pro

Important Note

Each tracker must have a valid subscription or position credits to remain active on our servers.

Box Content

GPS Tracker mockup icon

GPS Tracker

Batteries for GPS Tracker

Lithium Batteries

GPS Tracker transport case mockup icon

Transport Case

Technical Specifications

Small yet powerful GPS tracker

Gone are the days of 2G/3G; the future is NB-IoT with CAT-M1 performance, allowing you to track much more effectively and for much longer.

Designed, assembled, and programmed in France by our experts, reliability and performance are key aspects of our creations.

Track the position of your GPS tracker in real-time using our web and mobile applications.

GT7 limited edition with GPS Trackers
GT7 Limited Edition Sale priceFrom 612,00 €
GT7 limited edition with GPS Trackers
GT7 Limited Edition Sale priceFrom 612,00 €

32 cm x 27 cm x 9 cm


1.3 kg

Battery Type


Battery Capacity

3 AA

Battery Life

Up to 70 days (for a position every 5 minutes)


LTE CAT M1 - 2G - WiFi


Yes - 8 powerful magnets

Low Profile

Offering multiple deployment possibilities

GT7 limited edition open with 2 GPS and 2 battery packs with no background

Non-rechargeable batteries

The GPS tracker operates with 3 non-rechargeable lithium batteries.


Thanks to a waterproof case and a seal between the two parts of the shell.

Powerful neodymium magnets

8 neodymium magnets assembled on a metal plate to ensure perfect adherence.




days of battery

GoTEK7 Tracking application GPS Tracker geofencesGoTEK7 Tracking application GPS Tracker historyGIF street view demo

Live Tracking

An intuitive interface allowing real-time tracking of your GPS tracker's position through a map, satellite view, or even Google Street View

Tracking History

Precisely visualize the history of positions sent by your GPS tracker on the map or in list form.


Receive real-time alerts through notifications when your GPS tracker enters or exits a geofence.