The professional : SARL CUBE TRACK 12 Rue de Rabat 62100 CALAIS, FRANCE Agrees to respect the warranty clause following: Preamble The guarantee is concluded for a period of: • 1 year for “new” GPS trackers • 3 months for “second-hand” GPS trackers • 3 months for “Number Plate GPS Tracker” and “Mirror Covert GPS Tracker” Article 1 With this contract, GOTEK7 vouches tracker comprising technical problems or failing for a period specified above. (Note: as part of a return of the tracker in the duration of the guarantee, after repair, the warranty will not renew the warranty begins on the date of delivery of the tracker, but can not even renew. When returning or repair) Article 2 In addition, the beneficiary of this GPS tracker must first ensure that the tag performs well failure, malfunction or technical problems of the tag in question. The beneficiary will be responsible for informing the service initially by telephone. The technician then try to repair the remote tracker. Article 3 In case the problem persists, the beneficiary of the tracker may actually returned the tracer GOTEK7 service. So GOTEK7 will repair it during the period covered by the warranty. Sometimes it even will offer to exchange the property in question instead of repairing the problem because the technician will be validated by the extreme and so difficult to repair. The sender sends at its expense, knowing that GOTEK7 will not be liable if there is a loss of the parcel lost by post. Article 4 When receiving the tracker, if the technician finds that the tracer sustains damage (shocks, burned tracker, damaged duct, etc.) the clause can not guarantee rooms to change. The beneficiary will be obliged to be charged the amount of parts to change. In against part, the warranty clause of the labor costs. Article 5 In case of dispute concerning the conclusion, execution, interpretation and / or breach of this warranty clause for any reason whatsoever, the parties shall attempt to find an amicable solution. Article 6 For installations performed on a permanent power supply to a vehicle by you, then GOTEK7 accept any liability for damage to your vehicle. So, to avoid problems, GOTEK7 provides technicians in the Nord Pas de Calais, FRANCE for a guarantee facility. Team GOTEK7 12 Rue de Rabat, 62100 Calais, France + 33 (0)