BlackBox + 1 month free server access

600.00 excl. VAT

  • Intelligent Object Detection designed and developed by GoTEK7
  • 4G Connection, to connect your Blackbox to the 4G network
  • Compatible with all USB cameras on the market
  • Possibility to use an external battery, requires a 5V3A power supply

SIM card is not provided with the BlackBox

Product Description

Portable video surveillance system, can record, detect and alert you at any moment anywhere around the world. Data integrity is a priority at GoTEK7, which is why no server stores the data from your BlackBox.

More about the BlackBox

The BlackBox is at the heart of surveillance innovation with an ultra-compact size, offering alerts analyzed by powerful artificial intelligence. It is also possible to access the camera connected to the kit to get the live view.

What’s in the Box?

When purchasing this product, you will receive the BlackBox, a protective housing, a 4G USB dongle, a power cable, and a power adapter (5V 3A).

Key Features

We have made the BlackBox simple, powerful, and easy to use.

  • Intelligent Object Detection

    Triggers alerts upon detection of people, cars, and other objects.

  • 4G Network

    External 4G key offering high connection speeds.

  • Remote Access

    Receive alerts – view and control your BlackBox from anywhere in the world.

  • Low Power Consumption

    Powered by a power outlet or external battery, requiring 5V3A.

  • Camera Compatibility

    Compatible with all UVC (USB video class) cameras on the market (requires a USB to BlackBox adapter).

  • Robust and Waterproof Design

    Using fans, air vents, and waterproof and reinforced connectors.

User friendly app

With the GoTEK7 Vision app, it’s possible to receive alerts from your camera directly on your Smartphone, tablet or computer.

User friendly app

With the GoTEK7 Vision app, it’s possible to receive alerts from your camera directly on your Smartphone, tablet or computer.

Instant Alerts

It’s crucial to receive rapid and reliable object detection, which is why GoTEK7 has developed its own intelligent object detection system. With GoTEK7 Vision, you’ll be notified on your smartphone as soon as a person, car, or other object is detected via a push notification.

Live View


View and control your camera in real-time.

Replay Access


Access all your camera recordings with a simple click.

Secure Connection


Using the latest technologies to ensure a secure connection.

Access the GoTEK7 Vision application

How to Connect Your Kit?

Using the cable and power adapter provided in the packaging. Connect the BlackBox to a power outlet.

2-pin Connector

Align the power cable with the connector (to ensure the cable is properly aligned with the connector, the red indicators must be facing each other). Once you hear a “click,” the cable is properly connected, and the BlackBox is starting up. It will be ready for use in less than a minute.

Additional Information

Weight 0.45 kg
Dimensions 20.5 × 4.7 × 4.7 cm



4G USB dongle

Artificial intelligence

Smart persons and objects detection made by GoTEK7


2 Datas ports for camera and 4G dongle
1 Power port