Global 6700 Case GPS Tracker

265.00 excl. VAT

Discover the Global 6700 case, the discreet and autonomous GPS tracker from the Global range. Equipped with a resistant case and powerful magnets, this product offers up to 30 days of autonomy with tracking every 5 minutes, and it’s possible to decrease this interval to 10 seconds. Thanks to its LTE CATM1 network, it’s perfect for discreetly tracking your vehicles or assets.

Network coverage map

Product Description

Each tracker must have a valid subscription or position credits to remain active on our servers.

Global Range

The Global range represents the ultimate evolution of GPS trackers. Designed for extended autonomy while maintaining a compact size, these trackers are at the forefront of technology.

What’s in the Box?

When you receive your Global 6700 case GPS tracker, everything is ready to use. A specific charger for this tracker will be provided along with an explanatory card to guide you through the product setup.

Key Features

Powerful performance and minimalist design

  • Durable and Waterproof

    Resistant to water and weather conditions
  • Low Power Consumption

    Small battery, long autonomy
  • Custom Magnets

    Ultra-powerful magnetic plate
  • New Generation Network

    Low-power CAT M1 network
  • Wi-Fi Available

    Possibility to return a Wi-Fi position if no network is available
  • Backup Network

    Use of 2G network if CAT M1 network is not covered

Next-Generation Application

With the available platform, you can track your GPS tracker anywhere.

Next-Generation Application

You can track your GPS tracker anywhere with the available platform.

Real-Time Tracking

An intuitive interface for easy use of your GPS tracker.

Secure Connection


Use of the latest technologies to ensure a secure connection.

Access to History


Precisely visualize the positions sent by your GPS tracker.

Zone Configuration


Be alerted when the GPS tracker enters or exits a geographical area.

Access the GoTEK7 Tracking app

How to Charge the GPS Tracker?

Charging your tracker has never been easier with GoTEK7 chargers.

Full Recharge in 8 to 12 Hours

Charge your GPS tracker with ease: simply plug the power adapter into the outlet, then connect the tracker with the specific cable for this product.

Additional Information

Weight 0.4 kg
Dimensions 10 × 4.9 × 4 cm

Solid ABS Case

Rechargeable battery

6700mAh Lithium-ion battery

Battery life

Around 30 days


LTE CAT M1 – 2G as fallback – WiFi


8 magnets & 1 strong metal plate

Network Coverage
Be sure to choose the right network for your tracker.