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4G USB dongle for BlackBox

4G dongle

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Power supply

Technical Specifications

Simple yet powerful CCTV solution

The BlackBox is at the heart of surveillance innovation with an ultra-compact size, offering alerts analyzed by powerful artificial intelligence. It is also possible to access the camera connected to the kit to get the live view.

BlackBox video system in a car
BlackBox Sale price720,00 €

205 mm x 79 mm x 43 mm


675 g

Artificial intelligence

Smart persons and objects detection made by GoTEK7

Remote access

Receive alerts – view and control your BlackBox from anywhere in the world with the 4G connection.

Low power consumption

Powered by a power outlet or external battery, requiring 5V3A.

Camera compatibility

Compatible with all UVC (USB video class) cameras on the market (requires a USB to BlackBox adapter).

Discreet and powerful

Designed and developed in our workshop, the BlackBox offers previously unimaginable possibilities, with powerful object transmission and detection, whether you are a few meters away or on the other side of the world.

BlackBox with 4G dongle cable with no background

Airflow system

We have developed a ventilation system that optimizes the internal temperature of the product.

Waterproof connectors

The connectors are completely waterproof and made of metal, ensuring robustness and reliability for the BlackBox.

4G Connection

The BlackBox can be used anywhere in the world. We decided to make the 4G key removable to extend the range and provide an optimal network signal.


Specific housing that absorbs shocks


Average power consumption

GoTEK7 Vision application PlayBackGoTEK7 Vision application alertsGoTEK7 Vision application live view

Live view

An intuitive interface allowing real-time viewing of your camera over internet or on the same network

Instant alerts

It’s crucial to receive rapid and reliable object detection, which is why GoTEK7 has developed its own intelligent object detection system. With GoTEK7 Vision, you’ll be notified on your smartphone as soon as a person, car, or other object is detected via a push notification.

Replay access

Access all your camera recordings with a simple click.