BlackCam Branch

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Introducing BlackCam Branch – your discreet surveillance solution cleverly disguised as a natural branch. Perfect for covert monitoring, this innovative product seamlessly blends into any environment, providing unparalleled stealth and security. Explore now!

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Data cable

Technical Specifications

Simple yet powerful CCTV solution

The BlackCam series cameras are at the forefront of technology with compact sizes, making them easily concealable. By connecting them to a BlackBox, the cameras start recording immediately to ensure no important moments are missed during your deployment.

BlackCam branch camera for BlackBox in nature with wooden logs
BlackCam Branch Sale price288,00 €
BlackCam branch camera for BlackBox in nature with wooden logs
BlackCam Branch Sale price288,00 €

540 mm x 40 mm x 40 mm


415 g





Field of view



1280x720 10fps
640x480 30fps
320x240 30fps
320x180 30fps
800x600 15fps
848x480 15fps
640x360 30fps
1200x800 10fps

Detection distance

Up to 15 meters

Low Profile

Offering multiple deployment possibilities

BlackCam branch for BlackBox with no background

Manual focus

Control the focus of your camera using the first ring on the lens.

USB connection

One cable to your BlackBox and your camera is ready to use

3mm Lens

Camera with high resolutions delivering crystal-clear quality.


Metal case with lens protection

15 m

Detection distance

GoTEK7 Vision application PlayBackGoTEK7 Vision application alertsGoTEK7 Vision application live view

Live view

An intuitive interface allowing real-time viewing of your camera over internet or on the same network

Instant alerts

It’s crucial to receive rapid and reliable object detection, which is why GoTEK7 has developed its own intelligent object detection system. With GoTEK7 Vision, you’ll be notified on your smartphone as soon as a person, car, or other object is detected via a push notification.

Replay access

Access all your camera recordings with a simple click.