Teltonika 4G Slim GPS Tracker

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Important Note

Each tracker must have a valid subscription or position credits to remain active on our servers.

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Teltonika wired GPS Tracker mockup

GPS Tracker

Technical Specifications

Connect this GPS tracker to a 12/24V power source in the vehicle.

Simply plug the Teltonika 4G GPS tracker into a 12/24V power source in the vehicle and connect to the GPS tracking platform to monitor the vehicle's movements.

This small GPS tracker is perfect for tracking any type of vehicle. Don't lose sight of its movements!

Teltonika Wired GPS Tracker on car
Teltonika 4G Slim GPS Tracker Sale price150,00 €

79 mm x 43 mm x 12 mm


54 g

Battery Type


Battery Capacity

170 mAh



Low Profile

Offering multiple deployment possibilities

Teltonika Wired GPS Tracker with no background

Compact Size

With dimensions of less than 10cm, this tracker is perfect for installation in a vehicle.

Backup Battery

Small battery offering usage even when the vehicle is stationary.

Wired connection

Power supply via the positive and negative terminals of your vehicle.

GoTEK7 Tracking application GPS Tracker geofencesGoTEK7 Tracking application GPS Tracker historyGIF street view demo

Live Tracking

An intuitive interface allowing real-time tracking of your GPS tracker's position through a map, satellite view, or even Google Street View

Tracking History

Precisely visualize the history of positions sent by your GPS tracker on the map or in list form.


Receive real-time alerts through notifications when your GPS tracker enters or exits a geofence.